Email Distribution Lists

The system holds the email addresses of all members. The addresses are grouped into lists for bulk email distribution. Any member may send a message to the special address associated with a list, and the system will automatically deliver the message to all members in that list.

Distribution List Address
Every member of the club.
Committee members only.

Note: Members are assured that

When a message is received, it should be clear who sent it, and it should be clear that the message was sent to a list (see more details).

If desired, it should be straightforward to send a reply in the usual way.

Avoiding Junk Classification

The system is designed with the aim of getting the receiving system to place a new message into a user's normal Inbox, rather than a Junk folder.

With Gmail and many other email providers, there appears to be no problem, and nothing needs to be done.

With Outlook Email, at least with the web-browser version, it is necessary to add the distribution list address as a 'Safe mailing list'. See guidance here